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Sublimated Lacrosse Uniforms

Design Custom Lacrosse Uniforms

Lightning Wear manufacture custom sublimated lacrosse uniforms . This includes lacrosse pinnies, sublimated lacrosse shorts, sublimated hooded sweatshirts and sublimated lacrosse shooter shirts. We are the leading United States provider and direct source for custom lacrosse uniforms. Unlike many of the custom uniform agents in the United States, Lightning Wear manufactures all of our sublimated uniforms in our state of the art facility in Kensington, Maryland. Unlike screen printed items, all of our sublimated garments are one set price based on the quantity of your order, no matter how much text or print you choose.




1. MADE BY LACROSSE PLAYERS - Because we print, cut, sew and ship from our Kensington, Maryland USA facility, there are no customs delays, minimum requirements or upcharges for your sublimated order. Usual turn times are 3-4 weeks unless you are in a hurray. We are always eager to help!

If you have a late addition to your team, or someone on the team has lost their lacrosse pinnies, lacrosse shooter shirts or lacrosse shorts, we can provide replacements fast and easy. If you are being told 6-8 Weeks for a custom order delivery by our compeitors, chances are your order has been brokered overseas. They likely have no clue where your order is in the production process. At Lightning Wear, we are live people (and athletes) that you can talk with seven days a week. We know where your order is and we work hard to make sure it is to you within a reasonable amount of time. If you wait 6-8 weeks, your season is already over, or you have gone up 2 sizes since you ordered. Don't play the waiting game!!! Be sure to tell us if there is a special event or date that you need them for. We will make sure to deliver in the time you need it.

2. BE ORIGINAL!! We have an on site department of highly skilled artists. Our creative designs and patterns are the most unique and outstanding on the market. Our templates are on these site as starters. Your not restricted to use them, nor does it mean that what you see is all we can do. Check out our blog for the coolest ideas out there for sublimated lacrosse uniforms. We love working with our customer to create a one of a kind masterpiece. Choose from one of our stock designs or have one of our trained artists design a mockup for you. A lot of times you will hear that garments made overseas are sized wrong, have color problems or just are not made right. At Lightning Wear, we are players and creators. We have the flexibility and the technology to be ahead of our competitors.

3. LIGHTNING FAST TURN TIMES - Quick production times are our specialty. We are currently at 3-4 Weeks Delivery Time on all sublimated orders. If there is a date or event that your need your sublimated shorts, sublimated pinnies or sublimated shirts for, we can almost always make it happen.

Please call us today for a mockup of your team design. Call 888-438-7875 for more information or email us at info at lacrossepinnies dot com. If your team decides to add a player or you decide to use the designs from last season, it is no problem.

4. TOP CUSTOMER SERVICE- We take pride in giving SUPERIOR customer service and product. We stand by our brand and want your team to be the talk of the tournament on and off of the field.

5. ALL SIZES AVAILABLE- Lightning Wear offers adult and youth sizes on all of our styles and product. Sublimated uniforms for youth teams, mens and womens teams are at the point and click of a mouse.

Call us today for a free sublimated uniform consultation at 888-438-7875 or email us at info at lacrossepinnies dot com.



If you are unsure about our sizing, please call us at 888-438-7875 and we can help you. Sizing for sublimated lacrosse pinnies, sublimated lacrosse shorts and sublimated lacrosse shooter shirts will be posted soon. For sublimated reversible jerseys use the charts above for proper sizing. Be sure to check out our blog pictures and find ideas for sublimated lacrosse uniforms. Check out our lacrosse pinnies, lacrosse shooter shirts, lacrosse shorts, and custom sweatshirts.


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