Welcome to the original and first site ever made for custom sports pinnies. Lightning Wear has been manufacturing custom pinnies since 2006. Our signature cropped bottom reversible jersey is made in the most color combinations and styles on the planet. In 2006 we developed the lacrosse pinnies website. The one of a kind web portal is the only site that allows you to mix and match from over 1000 different color combinations. But what makes the site even cooler is the ability to upload your own pattern. Most all of our lacrosse, basketball and sports pinnies are dye sublimated. Dye sublimation allows you to add any design pattern logo or print to just about anywhere on the jersey. We make pinnies for adults and kids in girls and guys styles. Call us today at 888-438-7875 to discuss our custom pinnies options. Everything is made in Maryland USA.
reversible pinnies

Reversible Pinnies

Make Reversible Pinnies

Custom Uber Reversible Jerseys

It was an honor and privilege working with the Uber team on these custom reversible pinnies. The reps from the company had a large event and wanted their guys and gals to stand out in custom Uber reversible jerseys.

the crew pinnies

Crew Beer Pong Pinnies

The Crew Beer Pong Pinnies

Crew Pinnies – Beer Pinnies – Custom Beer Pong Jerseys

Do you and your pals have the Crew Beer Pong Pinnies from Lightning Wear?

tsk homecoming pinnies

Homecoming Jerseys

Zebra Homecoming Jerseys

Nothing says school spirit more than a zebra set of Homecoming jerseys from Lightning Wear for you and your date.