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Our friends down in Katy Texas were geared up for action this weekend in the pictured youth lacrosse uniforms.  They team was looking to incorporate a neon and gray digital camouflage in to their lacrosse shooter shirts, lacrosse shorts, reversible jerseys and custom team jerseys.  We added their very cool sponsor logo to the front of the dye sublimated shirts.  I have to say it really made the jerseys pop. They provided some very cool and strong team logos.

As well, they specified a distinct and powerful font that they wanted to use for the front logo and numbers.  They designed these youth lacrosse uniforms using our custom lacrosse uniform builder.

Our artist pieced it all together, did some color matching and the rest is history.  For around $140 they received a shooter shirt, reversible jersey, shorts, and an actual game lacrosse jersey for a complete team set.

youth lacrosse uniforms
youth lacrosse uniforms

Reversible Team Lacrosse Jerseys

A lot of teams recently have been looking for a reversible team lacrosse jerseys set for their organization.  Most governing agencies are now requiring their players to cover their shoulder pads with sleeves.  Many teams do not want to have the cost of high priced home and away jerseys.

Reversible Sleeved Lacrosse Jersey

They have begun the search for a reversible sleeved lacrosse jersey.  Our site shows these jerseys as non reversible.  However the jerseys are made in to a reversible for an additional cost.  We have done these for a large number of programs.  Indeed, they are completely durable and made to last for seasons to come.  Be sure to check out our selection of youth lacrosse shorts.

We are glad to discuss this or any design item questions you may have. Call us today for your youth lacrosse uniforms needs.  Buy custom lacrosse uniforms with any design pattern or style with quality and great pricing.



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