Youth Lacrosse Skirt

Custom Youth Lacrosse Skirt

Custom youth lacrosse skirt from Lightning Wear.  Check out these youth sublimated  lacrosse skirts on the way to the team I recently posted the lacrosse jerseys on, the Potomac Power.  This set of skirts completes the order of custom uniforms for girls for this great organization.  The program has close to 150 girls in different ages and levels of play fielded on teams around the county.  We really think that you will be standouts both on and off the field.  The great coaching staff provided us with some great design ideas and we ran with it.  We hope they enjoy it as much as we did making them.

youth lacrosse skirt
youth lacrosse skirt



Girls Lacrosse Shorts vs. Girls Lacrosse Skirts

What bottoms do you and your girls prefer?  The majority of teams we outfit prefer the girls lacrosse short, probably because of the availability.  We hope to change that by offering a wider variety of girls lacrosse skirts.  Most often you see girls field hockey teams wearing the skirt.  However, you will notice that a lot of the womens college lacrosse teams are now switching to the skort or skirt because the the breath ability and style. We would love to hear your input.