Youth Lacrosse Shorts

Sublimated Youth Lacrosse Shorts

Youth lacrosse shorts from Lightning Wear Apparel.  King Gong Sports up in Long Island will be selling the dog out of these custom made  youth lax shorts.  The design team from Gong worked with our artists to develop a cool line of custom lax shorts in a variety of styles and patterns.  The ferocious looking dog with a stick goes great with the cool patterns. The great thing about sublimated shorts is that you can make them as plain or wild as you want.  All youth lax shorts are made in Maryland USA.

youth lacrosse shorts
youth lacrosse shorts


The designer tool on our site allows you to add team logos, pick colors and add text. However a crazy lacrosse shorts design like the one pictured about requires the professional skill of our in house artists. If you have a design idea or team pattern in mind, call us and we can help you make some incredible shorts. Youth lacrosse shorts are custom made in any color or size.  In our design ideas section of the website, you can choose from some of our stock designs.  If you are feeling a bit more creative, you can upload a funky pattern or design using our add palette feature.

When I was a kid, Jams shorts were the big hit.  The coolest kids were the ones that had an assortment of these Hawaiian inspired surf shorts with a pull waistband.  If you owned these or a pair of OP cords shorts, there was a chance that you rarely took them off.  I would wear mine for days at a time until my mom yelled at me to wash them.  The late 90’s brought in the demand for a sporty style short.  The craze was baggy basketball shorts in solid colors mostly by Nike and Addidas.  Lax shorts were mostly mesh with the 3 color side ribbed.  Every lacrosse player owned these with an embroidered logo of their favorite team on the left leg.  With the rise of sublimation in the 2010 range, the possibilities for unique and one of a kind shorts made its way to popular lifestyle.  We are filling that need.  We can create any type of short design or pattern you can think of and put it on the lax short of your choice.  Call us if you are stumped on a design and we will make you and your youth lacrosse shorts look cool.