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Youth lacrosse practice pinnies are made to order by Lightning Wear in Kensington, Maryland.  Pictured is a set of STA lacrosse pinnies on the way south to our friends in Texas.  These sublimated pinnies have the Maryland flag inner color and a royal blue outside color with the teams logo they designed using our custom pinnie maker.  Judging by the weather forecasts, it seems Texas was hit with some wintery mix just like everyone else.  It didnt stop them from looking sharp and competing in last weeks lacrosse tournament.

youth lacrosse practice pinnies
youth lacrosse practice pinnies

It is amazing to see the sports of lacrosse grow so rapidly.  Its expansion to all over the globe has really made a great impact on the game itself.  I was reading an article the other day on Gary and Paul Gait.  I can remember watching these guys play in the NCAA tournament one year when I was younger and was so amazed with their talent.  Come to find out, these guys started playing lacrosse when they were only three years old.  I can only hope that my son, who just turned 4 yesterday by the way, will be able to stick with the sport and master it like these guys did. They are legends.

Create Youth Lacrosse Practice Jerseys

Youth lacrosse practice jerseys are a must for these little guys picking up the sport and running with it. At Lightning Wear, you have the option of going with the sublimated lacrosse pinnies like the ones above, or the option of going with a more traditional lacrosse pinnie made of jersey mesh and in solid colors.  We manufacture both styles here in our factory in Kensington, Maryland.  For a more form fit lacrosse pinnies, go with the collegiate cut.  They are the wider shoulder cut but make a different with the little guys.