Youth Lacrosse League Uniforms

Design Youth Lacrosse League Uniforms

Youth Lacrosse League Uniforms from Lightning Wear.  Yes indeed it is that fun filled time of the year again when board members and club organizations get together to finalize team rosters and lacrosse uniforms orders.  We love working with teams and coaches to design and order custom pinnies, lacrosse shorts, lacrosse jerseys and custom shooter shirts.  Below are some tips and frequently asked questions that will help you organize your roster better and make for a great start to the new season.

Youth Lacrosse League Uniforms
Youth Lacrosse League Uniforms

1.  Order Lacrosse Uniforms Early

We are always willing to help you when you are in a jam, but we recommend that you get the order for your custom lacrosse uniforms in to us as early as possible.  Once January comes, we are inundated with orders and reorders.  I know it can be difficult to herd the sheep, but as the captain, you need to send all of your players a friendly reminder that delays in sizing will ultimately delay the production of your order.   We like to run the order all at once so this is important.  The faster you can get us sizes and payment, the quicker it will be to process and deliver your order.

2.  Order Extra Sets of Uniforms for add ons

Another recommendation we have is to order extra sets of lacrosse shorts and lacrosse jerseys.  You never know when someone is going to misplace or mistreat a uniform.  As well, you may have an extra few all stars that want to join the team.  We keep all of your designs online and understand that these things occur, but it helps to have some extra uniforms lying around in case you need them in a flash.

3.  Make sure you size your players properly

We have a custom size chart that is true to size, so be sure to order the correct sizes for your group or team. Click here to see our sizing chart for custom uniforms and lacrosse shorts. If you have questions about the sizing or need samples, we have some here that we can send you.

4.  Know your design for your lacrosse uniforms

We understand that not everyone is an artist of has an eye for what looks cool and is functional.  We have artists on staff that can help make your design possible, but if you can provide us with logos and colors that will definitely help.  We recommend that you check out our blog.  We try to fill it with as many different designs and options for lacrosse pinnies, shirts and shorts as possible.  Make sure the fonts and numbers you choose are visible for refs and coaches to see.

5.  If you are ordering for a youth lacrosse league, No pockets

The verdict is still out on the preference for lacrosse shorts with pockets, but we recommend if they are game shorts to avoid using pockets.  Often times kids sticks will get caught in them and it can cause trouble on the field.  If the kids prefer pockets, then go with them.


I am sure that there are more things we have forgotten here.  This is hopefully a good start. We hope this helps you when you go to buy your youth lacrosse league uniforms.

© Lacrosse Pinnies & Lax Pinnie | Lightning Wear®
© Lacrosse Pinnies & Lax Pinnie | Lightning Wear®