Youth Basketball Shooter Shirts – Long Sleeve

Make Youth Basketball Shooter Shirts

Youth Basketball Shooter Shirts from Lightning Wear®. Nothing says that your team is tougher than some custom long sleeve basketball shooter shirts.  The shirts pictured below are great regular camouflage. The team decided to go with their school logo along with the text basketball on the front.  The back was wide open for their names and numbers. Youth camouflage basketball shooter shirts come as small as youth extra small all the way to youth extra large.  For sizing, we normally recommend that you size your child off of a regular t shirt size.  The sleeves are true to form.  We will be adding a sizing chart to the long sleeves soon.

youth basketball shooter shirts
youth basketball shooter shirts


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When we first made the lacrosepinnies site, we never could have dreamed of the possibilities and styles that are on there today for custom basketball uniforms.  We have learned so much since then about every aspect of the manufacturing and production end of this business. As well, thanks to our great customers, we have learned the buying habits and wants of people.  What we know now is that the site still does not have enough on it.  We feel we are at 1 on a scale to a million of things that need to be added and perfected on the site.  So we will continue to work to get there and make this by far the best site on earth for any type of sports or team apparel.  As well, we will make sure your experience with us is better than any ever.  Call us for your youth basketball shooting shirts or any other team needs.