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Get your yolo pinnies from Lightning Wear.  I know some of you say you have seen these before but I always get a good laugh out of how someone took this summer catch phrase to a new height.  Yolo pinnies can still be cool if they say lax on them.  You only lax once so make the best of it.

yolo pinnies
yolo pinnies


This past October, I decided to re-live my once wild and fun lacrosse past in the Howard County old mans lacrosse league.  I ended up in surgery about a month later with serious surgery to my right knee.  (Torn ACL, removed meniscus and OATS procedure from destroyed cartlidge.)  Its when you get to almost forty like I am and suffer from bad injuries that you realize that you can never take back the great days of playing lacrosse or any other sport.

So for all you youngsters out there that are on sports teams, I strongly advise you to play every single game to the best of your abilities like it is your last.  Cherish your God given energy, stamina and athleticism.  Happy Laxin!


So enough talking about me.  Lets talk for a minute about the evolution of pinnies.  When we first started Lightning Wear in 2006, we had no idea that the pinnie craze would last as long as it did. Reversible pinnies quickly became the boardwalk sensation of every store from Florida to Maine.  Surprisingly we outfitted most of those shops.

Like everything else trends do change.  A couple of shop owners went the cheap route with junky overseas garbage and the rest is history.  In that time we realized that the real deal pinnie was custom sublimated.

Dye sublimated pinnies are now the staple of our business.  We make them for all sports in any color pattern style or color.  Our team is also very good at making sublimated shorts.  Call us today if you are need of some yolo pinnies or lax pinnies for any reason.


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© Lacrosse Pinnies & Lax Pinnie | Lightning Wear®
© Lacrosse Pinnies & Lax Pinnie | Lightning Wear®