Womens Soccer Pinnies

Purple Womens Soccer Pinnies

Custom womens soccer pinnies from Lightning Wear.  For a number of years now, the Purple Rain Soccer team has purchased womens soccer pinnies.  This year, we upgraded their order to the pictured dye sublimated soccer jerseys.  The team went with a racerback jersey with their custom logo on the front and custom personalized names and numbers on the back.

Womens Soccer Pinnies
Womens Soccer Pinnies

Over the past ten years we have worked hard to improve our product innovation and service.  We greatly appreciate the many customers and clients we have served during this time.  More so, it is rewarding to receive letters and calls from the many customers thanking us for our product.  We are not perfect and certainly do make our share of mistakes.  What we feel makes us different from the others is our ability to always be accessible.

Made in the USA

Our reversible soccer pinnies are hand crafted in our factory Kensington Maryland.  A lot of time and preparation goes in to the processing development and manufacturing of your order.  I can honestly say that before I started working for this company, I never had any appreciation for the clothes that I wear.  Now, I find myself constantly looking at labels, seams colors of the latest and greatest products on the market.  Sadly, a lot of the high ticket item sports apparel that I see in the major department stores is not impressive.

I was recently in my college’s school bookstore.  I noticed that the dye sublimated basketball jerseys were pitiful.  The hems and seams were coming undone and the colors were far from consistent and pure.  It is pretty sad when a school store is selling a majority of its items with the wrong pantone colors.  At Lightning Wear we use the highest quality inks and dye sublimation paper out on the market.

One of the representatives from our ink company recently visited our factory.  He was telling us about the conditions in some of the factories that he visits in Central and South America.  I understand now why the quality and durability suffers. Most of the people that work for the factories there work for under $1 per hour.

Thanks for reading my post.  We make been making soccer pinnies for almost ten years now.  Our team wants your team wearing our brand.  Womens soccer pinnies are one of our favorite items to make.