Womens Lacrosse Uniform Custom

Make Womens Lacrosse Uniform Custom 

Womens lacrosse uniform custom from Lightning Wear.  Special thanks to the Georgetown College women’s lacrosse team for this awesome order of womens lax uniforms custom made here in Kensington, Maryland.  Like a lot of girls teams, Georgetown College player decided to go with the mens style.  The team ordered mens lacrosse pinnies, girls lacrosse shorts and long sleeve and short sleeve team shooter shirts. They chose a cool blue and gray scheme with their traditional patriotic colored logos and numbers.  The shorts have individual numbers and team names along with their logos.

womens lacrosse uniform custom
womens lacrosse uniform custom


Girls Lacrosse Uniforms & Womens Lacrosse Uniform Custom

Fall season has definitely been off to a great start for us here at Lightning Wear®.  When this company was first started, we said that one day we would eventually get to the level where we were manufacturing womens and girls apparel as well.  My how the times of changed since the days that we first began making custom apparel on our own.  Girls lacrosse uniforms are now a part of our daily production schedule.

I enjoy it even more so because I have three daughters.  My girls are always commenting on the latest and greatest trends in fashion.  Even though my daugthers are pre- teen, they still have a great eye on what is new and hip.  If your team or program is looking to be outfitted for the upcoming season for lacrosse, field hockey, soccer, basketball or any other sport, please give us a call.  We can work up some great renditions for you.  Lightning Wear makes the best womens lacrosse uniform custom.