Womens Lacrosse Shorts

Sublimated Womens Lacrosse Shorts

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Check out our Womens lacrosse shorts from Lightning Wear®.  YOLO shorts are fresh off the press.   We are in the process of updating Womens Shorts are coming to the site soon. Stay Tuned.  Girls lacrosse shorts can be designed just about any way you want them to.  Add team names, numers and logos using our online uniform designer.  Please call us today with any design or order questions.

Womens lacrosse shorts
Womens lacrosse shorts


All of our lacrosse apparel is made to order in Maryland USA by Lightning Wear.  These shorts are actually being sent to a store in Fire Island.  The store carries a number of different styles of our womens and mens lacrosse shorts. But if you want to purchase these shorts as a single, or you are looking for girls lacrosse uniforms, hit us up and we will walk you through the process.  As you may have read, all of our garments are hand made custom.  This means that you have the full control and oversight of each and every detail of you custom short, shirt or reversible.

Girls Lacrosse Shirts

Be sure to also check out some of the design ideas for our girls lacrosse shirts.  It has taken a lot of time and grading at the design table.  We have finally unleashed a dye sublimated shooter shirt for girls that is the correct form fit.  Our long sleeve shooter shirts are another item that is very popular among the girls and womens teams for lacrosse basketball or any sport.

Womens Lacrosse Shorts : Pockets or No Pockets

The decision for pockets or no pockets is always a tough one.  Our girls shorts are made usually without them.  However, if you would like pockets added to your lacrosse shorts give us a jingle and we can make it happen at no extra charge. Once you get old enough to drive, you want pockets in every pant or shorts that you own.  Otherwise you end up losing your keys.

In closing, we are your one stop shop for girls custom lacrosse uniforms and girls lacrosse shorts.  Call us today a 888-438-7875 for your womens lacrosse shorts ideas pricing or sizing questions.


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