Vermont Lacrosse Uniforms

Custom Lacrosse Uniforms

Harwood Lacrosse will be at it hard in their new Vermont Lacrosse Uniforms.  The team went with our collegiate cut lacrosse jerseys for their adult and youth programs.  They also added a pair of black custom lacrosse shorts.  Each player received a custom jersey with their name and number on the front and back of the jersey.  They added an American flag on the back neck to show their love of our great country.  We take special pride in our custom made team uniforms and jerseys. But what makes it great is the ability we have to change up our designs and patterns at will.

Vermont lacrosse uniforms
Vermont lacrosse uniforms

The biggest complaint we receive from teams that have made the switch from other vendors is the stock issues.  Many times, our competitors will change the pattern or design of one of their styles without notifying their teams.  These are big companies.  Their reasoning is simple.  They want the whole team to replace again each year so you have to buy new uniforms.  We do not feel the same way.  Our team wants you as a customer for life, but not at the expense of your teams whole budget.  LW understands that kids play on a lot of club and travel teams.  We want our gear to be affordable and we want it to last.

This means if a club adds teams or players, they are stuck with a mismatch.  We feel that we as a company come in very strong in this regard.  Lightning Wear saves and stores each and every design we have ever made.  They can be easily duplicated and replicated with near exact match colors and styles.  The only thing that does change from time to time, (maybe every two or three years) is the fabric.  We are constantly improving our inks papers and fabric.  On occasion, there may be a change in the material.  So, if you are looking for Vermont lacrosse uniforms, or custom team uniforms anywhere, give us a shout.