USA Team Lacrosse Shorts

Custom USA Team Lacrosse Shorts

USA Team Lacrosse Shorts from Lightning Wear®.  Here goes a patriotic set of USA lacrosse shorts to our friends in Connecticut.  Thanks for the order and happy Laxin!

USA team lacrosse shorts
USA team lacrosse shorts

The greatest thing about these shorts is that there are only about 30 of them ever made.  Thanks because a lacrosse player and his team of comrades decided to design them on our site and make a little purchase for them.

When you buy a pair of shorts at the local Sports Authority, there is a good chance that you will show up at the gym this weekend with someone else also wearing them.  Some old guy that is past his prime and looks like Larry David is wearing the exact same pair.  The only difference between him and you is that his headband from the eighties is a little cooler and so is the tape player he is listening to as he works out.  My point is there nothing wrong with Larry David and old people are pretty cool too.  But there is something to be said about having your own style or uniqueness if that is even a word.  Don’t get caught up in the name brand all the time.

If you are rocking these cool lacrosse shorts, there is a chance that you already know this but thanks for reading anyways.  Thanks for reading this and I hope I made you chuckle.  I love old people and custom USA team lacrosse shorts.