USA Lacrosse Uniforms

Check out the USA Lacrosse uniforms we made for the boys in Star Idaho.  Not pictured is a shooter shirt we made that is currently rotating on the front page of the site.  

usa lacrosse uniforms
usa lacrosse uniforms

We love hearing from the mid northwestern teams for sure.  So awesome to see these programs grow since we first opened our doors back in 2006.  Back then we were lucky if we saw an order south of the Georgia border.  Now we are seeing teams grow all over the globe.  Most exciting is the Northwestern pockets of the United States.  As well, the Lone Star state seems to be churning out All American lacrosse athletes faster than we can put a pinnie on them.

Sublimated  USA Lacrosse Uniforms

Check out these sublimated USA lacrosse uniforms we manufactured.  Lets take a little look at the Eagle Elite lax uniforms we made for the guys in Idaho.  They wanted to show off a few sponsors that made the team possible.  We added a few logos on the backs of the collegiate cut jerseys, shorts and custom lacrosse shirts.  The coaches and staff were great to work with.  More so they were excited to see their guys outfitted for the upcoming tournament.  Thanks so much for the great and colorful order.

Perhaps the greatest thing about these uniforms is the digital camouflage design that was added to the set from our lacrosse team.  The ideas that you can only print one color on a jersey or design are long gone.  Our colors are endless.  The text of these jerseys had the American flag design dyed in as well.  Call us for your next design creation on custom team uniforms.  We will not disappoint you.  All garments are proudly made in America USA.