Ultimate Frisbee Tie Dye Pinnies

Custom Ultimate Frisbee Tie Dye Pinnies

Ultimate frisbee tie dye pinnies from Lightning Wear.  The chillier weather will not stop our local pals from the Whitman Ultimate Frisbee Team from looking summery in these Ultimate frisbee sublimated tie dye pinnies.  These guys decided to add some wild nicknames and numbers to go along with the funky theme of the jersey.  The inner color is our signature rasta print with the front logo and back names and numbers outlined .  Cool enough, the outline was in the Whitman High School powder blue color.  Keep in mind that although this is the tie dye we normally use on our designer tool, you can come up with your own image or design for the custom print on the jersey.  We dye in to the fabric using advanced printer technology, so the colors will last and come up bright and crisp.

ultimate frisbee tie dye pinnies
ultimate frisbee tie dye pinnies


Wicked Lacrosse Pinnies

We received a very nice email from one of our great customers up North.  The letter was telling us that we made them the most wicked lacrosse pinnies ever.  I am not sure where there term came from originally but we definitely take it as a nice compliment.  If you or your team have any pictures floating around wearing our custom pinnies or team uniforms, please send them our way.  We always love to see happy people wearing our gear and showcasing their talent.

We once had a beach frisbee team send an incredible pic.  One of the team members was diving in to an incredible catch in front of the group. Lets hope that he landed on safe ground.  It looked like it could have turned out wrong with a bad landing.  Anyways, it looked really cool.  We appreciate that team and any other that take the time to send us pictures in our product.

The pinnies pictured for Whitman would fall in to that category.Get a pair of matching sublimated shorts to make this the complete sublimated team uniforms.