Tie Dye Jerseys

Here goes some tie dye jerseys to our graduating class in New York.  Ladies and gentleman it is that time of the year when your graduating young adults take over and show the world how creative they really are.  

tie dye jerseys
tie dye jerseys

Here goes some hot like fire custom reversible jerseys to our senior class soon to be graduates.  They designed silver and tie dye jerseys with custom text.  As well they added personalized names to the backs of the jerseys.  What I love about these jerseys is that these able bodies seniors designed and ordered a pretty big order all on their own.  Their parents would be proud.  More so because the names and numbers on the back were not offensives for vulgar like they sometimes can be.  They uploaded the tie dye all by themselves using our pattern uploader too.

It took me a few seconds to realize exactly what the front text and writing really was.  According to the Urban dictionary “Issa” means

Issa – Short for “It’s A.” It was commonly used as slang before the famous 21 Savage interview where he mentioned his knife tattoo.
Int: What does the cross on your forehead signify?
21 Savage: Issa knife.
Urban Dictionary

Sublimated Tie Dye Jerseys

We are one of the few manufacturers that can exactly match tie dye jerseys with any design or patterns that you wish.  The V – 18 – E represents the class year for our friends that will be graduating from their high schools to higher learning institutions. But it also represents the cool vibe of the tie dye movement and what it represents.  Even before I was born in the early ’70s this print was the go to for all high school college and teens in America.  Is that freedom rock?  Well turn it up.  Our boys and girls tie dye pinnies can be made any way you want and in any colors or patterns.
I always love the start of the school year.   We get bombarded with some of the coolest junior and senior class jerseys. These kids or should I say young adults get cooler and more creative as time goes on.  If you have a big senior or junior class or any grade, call us.  Most times these orders are for two to three hundred kids.  The customers from this order took the time to input each name and number on their custom jerseys.  But you do not have to do this.  Call us at 888-438-7875 and we will walk you through the process.


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© Lacrosse Pinnies & Lax Pinnie | Lightning Wear®