Tie Dye Field Hockey Pinnies

Custom Tie Dye Field Hockey Pinnies

Tie dye field hockey pinnies from Lightning Wear®. These probably look somewhat familiar to you because the New Fairfield girls field hockey team loved the girls New Fairfield lacrosse pinnies from last year that they said they were a must have.  How could you not love tie dye field hockey practice pinnies in the red white and blue theme? Here is how we came up with the original design for these jerseys.

tie dye field hockey pinnies
tie dye field hockey pinnies



Our customer  called us and said that the team was looking for a special tie dye pattern that included the three colors for their team shirts.  She sent us some images from online and after some experimentation this is what we came up with.  My point is that when you are navigating through our online designer, do not be convinced that only the patterns or colors that you see under our sublimated section are the limit.  You can do whatever color you think would look good for your team.  This is why we have on staff on site artist to look over your design and help suggest the best pattern or style for custom pinnies.