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Custom Thomaston Field Hockey Pinnie

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Thomaston Field hockey pinnie from Lightning Wear.  This is the first time you have ever seen a field hockey pattern so cool as this one.  The young ladies from the Thomaston Connecticut field hockey team will be the talk of their league and school in these little puppies.  They are a sublimated design which means that the pattern and all of the letters numbers and other designs are dyed in to the fabric for a lifelong stick.  Not stick like the stick you use to hit the ball, but I mean adhesive stick like it will never wear or fade out.  Call us for team jerseys pricing.

thomaston field hockey pinnie
thomaston field hockey pinnie

Screen Printed Field Hockey Pinnies VS. Sublimated Field Hockey Pinnies

As mentioned above, because the team erseys pictured are sublimated there is never a worry about peeling or fading on the designs or pattern.  Screen printed pinnies are great too, but you will suffer some wear and fade over time because the materials used to apply are not as permanent.  Dont get me wrong, I love screen printed jerseys and they really are what made us as a company.  The new modern technology put in to dye sublimation is so cool and vibrant, it is really hard to compare.  This link sends you to our screen printed regular pinny .  This link sends you to the sublimated pinny.