Texas Lacrosse Uniforms

Custom Texas Lacrosse Uniforms

A little red white and blue Texas lacrosse uniforms are heading south with the chilly temps to our friends at Baylor.  They chose the Texas state flag to cover their front along with the team name and number.  We are proud to manufacture all of these in our Kensington, Maryland USA factory.  Dont mess with Texas.  Thanks for the order!!!

texas lacrosse uniforms
texas lacrosse uniforms


Baylor Sports Wear

We are proud to outfit the field hockey and lacrosse teams from Baylor this season and we really appreciate  them with sport wear for the upcoming season.  They are perhaps some of the nicest and most pleasant people to deal with.  Sorry to sound dumb, but being a DC native I cannot help but always putting the connection from Baylor to Washington DC’s quarterback RG3. I think it is with great reason since he did so well while at the University.

Sorry to get off topic, but I have a lot of honor and respect for Mr. Griffin, considering we both had knee surgery the same week a few years back.  While he is out running at full speed making leaps and courageous dives, I am still nursing the injury.  I get my kicks swimming a few miles a day with all of the 80+ crowd at the local indoor swim center.  A fast walk to the refrigerator is about the extent of my abilities at this point.  Some may say that he had much better treatment and rehabilitation than i could have even dreamed about, but I still have to give the man a great deal of credit for his courage and commitment to getting back out on the field.