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Our custom Terps pinnies made in Maryland USA.

terps pinnies
terps pinnies

Special thanks to our College Park Maryland friends that sent us some shots of their basketball tournament in their Terps Pinnies up at the South Bend.  Custom Terps Pinnies are off the chain!  They told us they were the classiest looking team on the court. Thanks again and have a great rest of the school year.    We made some custom Maryland Flag Pattern jerseys for the team.  They added a very cool front logo and back names and numbers.  The flag part of the jersey was dye sublimated.  This means that the design was first printed on a pattern and dyed in to the fabric.  Next we cut and sew it together for an all around awesome finished look.  For $30 you can get a fully dye sublimated basketball jersey with any logo pattern or print.

It is amazing how far the Maryland flag theme has run on apparel and other merchandise.  We first started making Maryland flag pinnies in early 2008.  In a way, I would say that we were the pioneers to this now madness.  Originally, we had the fabric made from one of our suppliers and added the embellishments after it was sewn.  Since that time, we have purchased over $300000 worth of dye sublimation equipment.  We use the best in sublimated inks and papers.  As well, we use high quality dye ready material for a long lasting application.  If you are interested in getting your hands on some Maryland themed apparel, give us a call at 888-438-7875.