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Team USO Lacrosse Shorts – Custom Made Lax Shorts

Custom Team USO Lacrosse Shorts

Team USO lacrosse shorts from Lightning Wear®.  Best wishes to the brave men playing in this weekend’s War at the Shore Tournament in New Jersey.  I am going to be posting the lacrosse pinnies picture and the custom shooter shirts we did for the team.  Here goes a cool pic of the camo style custom made lax shorts. The contrast of the charcoal gray with the American flag and USO logos really makes for a nice combination.

team uso lacrosse shorts
team uso lacrosse shorts

Not sure if it is the lighting of the picture or just the appearance of these shorts, but they certainly do look silky smooth.  The shorts are made of a polyester dye ready sublimation fabric with moisture wicking technology.  Of course, like every twenty to thirty something guy, our USO pals wanted pockets in the shorts.  Pockets have ample room for the keys, wallet and a wad of cash. The cash not included of course.

The waistbands are elastic with a drawstring and quad stitch folded seam.  The inseam of the shorts are nine inches.

Nice work and thanks to Jason Collins for the great design work and leadership.  Best wishes in the War fellas. Create your own lacrosse shorts using our custom short designer online, or write us.