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Here goes a great set of sublimated team lacrosse uniforms to the Summerlin team.  summerlin lax uniforms were made with gray and orange dye with custom names, numbers and team logos.  I especially liked how their 213 degrees logo showed up on the right should of the reversible jerseys.  We also made a set for the girls team.  As well, we manufactured a matching pair of shorts with pockets.  In all, this was the perfect combination of lacrosse shorts, shirts and reversible pinnies.   All of the gear was made using a dye sublimation process.  The process is done completely in house.  Our staff creates and assembles all order in Kensington, Maryland USA.

team lacrosse uniforms
team lacrosse uniforms


Dye Sublimated Lacrosse Uniforms

Dye sublimated lacrosse uniforms really make the logos, team names and numbers stand out.  It is slightly more expensive than a screen printed pinnie.   But in our opinion the durability of the uniform is much greater.  We have been doing dye sublimation since 2010.  Over the years we have acquired the skills and know how.

Team lacrosse uniforms can be sublimated or screen printed to your teams specifications.  At Lightning Wear, we always keep a server backup of your organizations artwork, logos and jersey setup for future add ons and team gear.  The problem you will find with using a uniform broker or an overseas manufacturer is that their is no control of your order or point of reference.  Many of the big brand companies that are making lacrosse uniforms are changing styles of their stock uniforms on a seasonal basis.   But it is the customer that ultimately suffers for this.  This is in an effort to make the bulk team order for the following season.  It becomes a planning hassle and nightmare for growing and low budget teams that are trying to grow their program.

As a direct supplier and manufacturer, we have full control over the preparation and production of your order from start to finish.  If there is a deadline or date that you require the uniforms for, we work hard to make sure we deliver a custom quality product that matches no other.  We do work for some of the bigger brands in the industry and we are a reliable source for custom team uniforms and apparel for lacrosse and many other sports.

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