Team Lacrosse Shorts Custom Shirts

Customize Team Lacrosse Shorts Custom Shirts

The boys from DC Metro always impress with their team lacrosse shorts custom shirts.  Most of the guys that play on the team live within the boundaries of the DC, Maryland or Virginia metro. So they thought that it was only fitting when they designed the custom lacrosse short and team shooter shirts.


team lacrosse shorts custom shirts
team lacrosse shorts custom shirts

While some teams like having reversible jerseys, the Metro lacrosse team goes with shooting shirts. The shooter shirts have custom numbers and names on the back.  As well, there is a small number on the front left bottom.  They also have the signature DC lacrosse logo.  The team went with different color sleeves and a yellow collar. Most of all, the custom shorts continue the line of metro in multi colors.

It is hard to believe that we have been working with teams in the DC League for almost ten years.  A new team is added every year. We enjoy working with the team captains.  We love designing their team lacrosse uniforms.


In conclusion, we think that these team lacrosse shirts and custom shirts for Metro lacrosse are some of the best we have seen this year.  If you have a team and are looking for uniforms, please call us. We make it easy.