Team Lacrosse Shooter Shirts

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Here goes a slammin set of digital camo team lacrosse shooter shirts to our friends in Charlotte North Carolina.

team lacrosse shooter shirts
team lacrosse shooter shirts

I am guessing that the weather down there is a bit warmer that the frigid temps of Maryland.  The team put together these great designs for shorts and matching lacrosse shorts using the superman shield.  The red and white colors of the logo definitely stand out great in contrast with the dark digital camo.

Team lacrosse shooter shirts are made to order here in Kensington Maryland.  The great thing about sublimated shooter shirts is that the print and logos are all dyed in to the fabric.  There is never worry of peeling or running of the colors after being washed.  Lightning Wear uses the latest state of the art dye sublimation equipment.  Our paper and dye sub inks are high quality.  We spend a little more to work with the best ink companies in the business, because we feel that the print reflects the quality of the garment.

If you are looking for team shooter shirts  be sure to check out our blog and skim through the different designs and patterns we have produced for teams across the US and the globe.  Please use the share buttons to show your friends our product and share ideas.

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