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Team Lacrosse Pinnies

Sublimated Team Lacrosse Pinnies

The graphics on these team lacrosse pinnies is really great to see.

team lacrosse pinnies
team lacrosse pinnies

The Sudden Death lacrosse allstars will be fit for the field in these pieces of walking artwork.  In General sports terms according to the free dictionary online, sudden death refers to an extra game or contest to decide the winner of a tied competition.  These guys will be looking so scary on the field that its going to be tough for anyone to compete with them.  Thank you for the order and good luck with the weekend tournament.

The team chose the sublimated lacrosse jerseys with the tank top look.  They added custom names and numbers on the backs and fronts.  The impact font with a cool outline really made these jerseys pop.  More so, the awesome skeleton logos had to be the talk of the teams lacrosse season.

For around $30 your team can get fully sublimated jerseys with any design logo or pattern.  Call us today at 888-438-7875 and we can help you design and buy high quality jerseys.