Team Bro Pinnies

Animal Team Bro Pinnies

The closest thing to making you a real lax bro is to add to the collection your very own Team Bro Pinnies made by Lightning Wear.  

team bro pinnies
team bro pinnies

These pinnies are so bro. Thanks for the order from Team Bro.  I have to laugh about this order because they must have been so cool that kids were stealing them.  One of the poor guys that ordered these called us and said that one of the team maters jerseys had grown feet.  This kind of stuff unfortunately happens a lot more than you think.  It reminds me of a video I watched recently on the demand among players in the NFL.  Apparently it is a pretty big deal to swap jerseys in the NFL between players.  I can imagine it can be a pretty costly thing.


If you have purchased a jersey or other article of clothing from us and somehow it has gone missing, just give us a call and we can try to help.  Team bro pinnies are a hot item. But everyone deserves to keep what they paid for.  Except if you are an NFL player of course.