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Custom Team Apparel

Make your own custom team apparel in adult and youth sizes for any sport.  Lightning Wear is a direct cut and sew garment manufacturer based in Maryland USA.  

team apparel
team apparel

Man I love looking at these custom collegiate cut pinnies that we made for our pals down in Florida.  Honestly for so many reasons, these may be one of my favorites so far this fall season.  The pentagon collar I think is what does it for me.  The team actually sent in a custom design that they were looking to mimic.  Their graphic artist truly gets all of the credit on this one.  Cocoa Beach and the surrounding areas are on track for the category 5 hurricane this week.  So are thoughts and prayers go out to you.  If they tell you to evacuate, I would suggest you do it.  Just make sure and get all of your lacrosse equipment.  Your wand is priceless.

Custom Sublimated Numbers

Our custom sublimated numbers make a big different in the appearance of our jerseys.  Getting back to these fresh jerseys online here now.  You are probably asking why the numbers on here look so awesome.  Well it is simply but a little more costly.  If you notice these are a three color outline number.  This means a little more work for our artists that prepare the files but no biggie.

We can definitely do three color numbers.  Unfortunately we may have to change you a two or three dollar up charge.  This is because all of the numbers have to be added to individual files.  In this order, there were 175 players just for the boys program.  Can you believe how huge youth lacrosse has gotten in the southern Florida areas.  It is incredible.

Sorry to stray again.  My point was that on a big order like this one, we have to make 175 different files and print them individually.  It takes a ton of time. But I think the results are worth the extra few bucks.  Please call us today with any custom team apparel needs or youth lacrosse uniforms.