sublimated soccer jerseys

sublimated soccer uniforms

Sublimated Soccer Uniforms

Design Your Own Soccer Uniform

Check out these sublimated soccer uniforms from Lightning Wear.  The Kelly Walsh High School soccer team was looking for a fast turn around on dye sublimated soccer jerseys and soccer shorts. They wanted a new look that could match their school colors.  We worked closely with their coach to come up with a top and bottom set that was within their budget. The goal was matching the school green that was in their logo with an athletic gold accent.  As well, the team wanted a cool looking Premier league style font completing the professional look.  The soccer shorts were solid green with the gold waistband and side green accents.  We added the team player numbers to this area as well.

custom futsal jerseys

Custom Futsal Jerseys

Make Custom Futsal Jerseys

Check out these Custom futsal jerseys from Lightning Wear®.  I haven’t played organized soccer since before high school but there are a lot of people in our company that have, including one of our guys that played on Blackpool Englands team a couple of moons ago.  He comes in early on the weekends to make sure he catches the premier league games for the weekend.  In time, the sport of futsal ( a derivative of soccer using a smaller ball) has really taken storm.  Attached is a pic of some custom futsal jerseys we did for a pretty big club.

orange soccer jerseys

Orange Soccer Jerseys

Make Your Own Orange Soccer Jerseys

Here goes a cool set of orange soccer jerseys to our pals in Ohio.  The team chose adult and youth sized shooter shirts with a back collegiate design.  All of our shirts are made to order from start to finish.  If you have a team club or organization that is looking to make custom  soccer jerseys, call us and we can take you through the design and ordering process from start to finish.

sublimated soccer jerseys

Sublimated Soccer Jerseys

Design Sublimated Soccer Jerseys

Custom Soccer Jerseys

Here goes a very stylish set of sublimated soccer jerseys to the ladies of Germantown, Maryland.  Have a great summer soccer session and thank you for the great order of custom soccer jerseys.  The uniforms were made to order nearby in our Kensington, Maryland factory.