sublimated lax pinnies

statue of liberty pinnies

Statue of Liberty Pinnies

Statue of Liberty Pinnies

Sublimated Pinnies & Sublimated Shorts

Check out these Statue of Liberty Pinnies we made for the visitors center on Ellis Island.  Ok so I know I have been blowing up the posts recently with the sublimated gear. Since we purchased our Roland RS 640 sublimation printers and wide format presses we have been getting calls from all over asking about gear.  Our sublimated shorts and team apparel have improved tremendously.

argyle lacrosse shorts

Argyle Lacrosse Shorts

Design Argyle Lacrosse Shorts

Argyle Lax Shorts

Argyle Lacrosse Shorts made by Lightning Wear®.   Design Argyle Lax Shorts with any color pattern or style.  Here goes some sick argyle shorts to our friends in Hotlanta.

uso pinnies

USO Lax Pinnies

Custom USO Lax Pinnies

Team USO Lacrosse Pinnies – Sublimated Pinnies

Another great production of custom USO lax pinnies for our boys playing in the summer lacrosse tournaments.