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Girls Soccer Uniforms - Soccer Jerseys

Girls Soccer Uniforms

Make Girls Soccer Uniforms 

Custom girls soccer uniforms from Lightning Wear.  Special congratulations goes out to the First Touch Soccer Academy for their big championship win down at Disney in their Lightning Wear girls soccer uniforms.  Their dedicated coaches actually stopped in to our Kensington, Maryland location to see just how we make our gear.  

custom futsal jerseys

Custom Futsal Jerseys

Make Custom Futsal Jerseys

Check out these Custom futsal jerseys from Lightning Wear®.  I haven’t played organized soccer since before high school but there are a lot of people in our company that have, including one of our guys that played on Blackpool Englands team a couple of moons ago.  He comes in early on the weekends to make sure he catches the premier league games for the weekend.  In time, the sport of futsal ( a derivative of soccer using a smaller ball) has really taken storm.  Attached is a pic of some custom futsal jerseys we did for a pretty big club.



Customize Jerseys

Make Your Own Reversible Jerseys

Shop jerseys from Lightning Wear®.  If you are looking for a reversible pinnie for any sports, teams organizations, you have certainly come to the right place.  We cut and sew jerseys for basketball, lacrosse, soccer, and just about any other event or color. We make custom reversibles for girls and guys and in youth sizes as well. Pictured is a set of reversible sublimated pinnies we did for the SMLYA lacrosse league in Bowie Maryland.  They selected a set of over 100 players as their all star championship.  They chose a wider collegiate back number for each jersey.  We sponsored the league event, so we were able to add our logo to the back tail of the reversible pinnie.


Sublimated Jerseys – Screen Printed Pinnies

At Lightning Wear, we manufacture sublimated pinnies and screen printed reversibles.  The difference is that screen printed pinnies are first made and then an ink is applied on top of the garment in 1-4 colors.  They are a durable and long lasting jersey, however your colors are limited to the solid spectrum that we have of in stock material.  Sublimated jerseys, on the other hand, start out as a wide white piece of fabric.  We use a giant calendar press that transfers the ink and pattern on to the fabric. Then the material is cut and sewn and shipped your way.  Call us for team pricing or special events.

As you can see in the picture above, the side panels are dyed in to the fabric with any type of piping or special accent that you request.  Our online designer tool allows for you to use some of our template files with a secondary color.  However, if you want additional accents or want to show off more colors, contact us and our art department can add just about any type of design or accent you can think of.  There are no limits to the colors or patterns you can choose.  Call us today for free art modification or special effects.We are the team uniform and sports jersey experts.




soccer team jerseys

Soccer Team Jerseys

Custom Soccer Team Jerseys

Soccer team jerseys from Lightning Wear®.  My older brother called me a week ago and said that his youngest son and his pals wanted to come up with a cool design for their indoor soccer team.  

youth soccer jerseys

Youth Soccer Jerseys

Create Youth Soccer Jerseys

Youth soccer jerseys from Lightning Wear®.  I know we showed you the pictures of these being made earlier, but I wanted to show you the finished product because they turned out so great.  

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© Lacrosse Pinnies & Lax Pinnie | Lightning Wear®