Swim Team Reversibles

Make Swim Team Reversibles

Some teal and white swim team reversibles with side panel pinnies are on the way to the Aqua squad in Hanover New Hampshire. Get your swim team pinnies in a large amount of styles and patterns.  The custom pinnies pictured are a basketball cut with side panels.  Lightning Wear® manufactures custom swim apparel for adults and youth.

Team names and numbers were added to the back to show off each of the swimmers name and year.  On screen printed pinnies like the ones pictured, we normally will die cut and heat press the different names and numbers to the back of the numbered pinnie.  We can match just about any of the colors we have to offer on our uniform builder.  Thanks Aqua Squad for the super reorder.

swim team reversibles
swim team reversibles

Swimming Jerseys

Did I mention that swimming is one of the best exercises you can get involved with.  It works just about every muscle in your body.  As well it helps out with breathing and heart functioning.  Whether you are a kid or an old timer like me, making sure you have the proper equipment for swimming, especially a swimming jersey like the one pictured above is primo important.  Thanks for visiting our blog.  Be sure to share our posts if you like them using the social share buttons.  Happy Swimin!