Swim Team Reversible Jerseys

Swim Team Reversible Jerseys

John V and the Patuxent all stars will always impress in their sublimated swim team reversible jerseys.  We have done a number of different designs and styles for the squad.  This order was perhaps the most exciting design we have ever made for them.  John wanted us to incorporate the Maryland design in to the reversible side of the jersey.  He added the team logo to the royal blue lacrosse pinnies.  On the backs he added the kids team numbers and personalized names.  The reverse side of the jerseys was the real show stopper.  He added the spiral Maryland flag with a team logo on the front.  On the back he added the team numbers.  In all these turned out to be incredible jerseys.

swim team reversible jerseys
swim team reversible jerseys

The trend for swim team pinnies among different clubs really started about ten years ago.  Since then, our capabilities for creating custom reversible jerseys for swim teams has tremendously improved.  One of the first swim teams that we ever outfitted had over 100 kids on the team.  At the time this quantity was huge for us.  Since then we have fulfilled orders for teams and clubs in the 5000+ range.  Our capacity has tremendously increased.  More so, our quality and product line has quadrupled.

2016 was a great year for us in a lot of ways.  We have learned that we are not just a custom lacrosse shorts and lacrosse uniforms company.  Lightning Wear is now so much more. Since 2016, we have introduced two new products in the last month including the womens capped sleeve shirts.  In the upcoming months we will also be introducing the womens long sleeve shooter shirts and a sublimated 1/4 zip coaching and warmup shirt.  But  what is even more exciting is the sublimated compression pants long and shorts.

If you have a team ordering swim team reversible jerseys or swim team shorts, please give us a call.

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