Design Sweatshirts

Create custom sweatshirts from Lightning Wear.  Our great customers the Swarm lacrosse team will be looking so fresh in these Swarm lacrosse hooded sweatshirts. Every time I see this it makes me hungry for some honey comb cereal.  What about you?  Team swarm added the front logo on the pouch of the wild bee and some cool looking lacrosse sticks on the left shoulder.  The great thing about our designer is that it allows the full front, back and right and left sleeve logo and number placement.  The team did custom names and numbers on the hoodie as well for the full swarm effect.  Call us for your team hoodie needs.  We make all of our sweatshirts in our Maryland factory.



Design a Hoodie Online

Designing a hoodie online is really simple.  In the next few weeks we are adding a feature to our site that will fully demonstrate how to design and order on our site.  We think the designer is pretty simple, but we always love our customers feedback.  Designing a site these days with any kind of feature to it is sometimes difficult.

There are so many browser types and scripts that are handled different by different types of mac or personal computers.  Then you add devices like ipads and notebooks to the equation and it gets even more difficult.  We recently had a hacker try to get in and make damage on this side of the site.  Nothing was compromised but we hired a great company called Site Lock to assist us with keeping out the bad guys and making sure the overall speed of the site was killer fast.  If you are having any issues when you design a hoodie on our site, or anything else for that matter, please let us know.  Thanks for reading.