Summer Team Lacrosse Uniforms

Create Summer Team Lacrosse Uniforms

Summer team lacrosse uniforms from Lightning Wear®.  Sorry again for the delayed posts on our Lacrosse Pinnies blog here.  We have all been wearing a lot of hats trying to keep all of our great customers happy and geared for their summer season of play.  Attached is an awesome picture a coach sent us of the Pride lacrosse team down in sunny Florida.  These guys have really impressed with their 3 in a row championship run.  We are honored and proud to have them wearing our fully custom sublimated lacrosse uniforms  

The team came back to us again with their sublimated collegiate cut or wider shoulder lacrosse jerseys.  We can dye sublimate just about any color, logo, font or style you can think of.  Lacrosse shorts dye sublimated are always a hit with summer teams. Normal turn time right now is about four weeks on custom orders.  If you have design or order questions, please be sure to give us a call so we can work on a design and product that is a good fit for you and your girls or guys teams.  All garments are made from scratch in our Kensington, Maryland facility.

summer team lacrosse uniforms
summer team lacrosse uniforms


Thank you for all of our great customers for your business.  Without you, we would not be able to grow and get our brand out there like we have.  This has been a crazy spring and start to the summer season for us.  We picked up two new high end sublimation printers and a monster of a rotary calendar press.  This definitely unclogged some of the delays we were having on the art/production side of things.  Now we are working with our manufacturing side to meet the demand of sewing/cutting.  Call us for your summer team lacrosse uniforms needs.