Summer Lacrosse Team Uniforms

Custom Summer Lacrosse Team Uniforms

Design Lax Uniforms

Get your summer lacrosse team uniforms from Lightning Wear®.  Check out these very cool looking dye sublimated lacrosse pinnies and custom lax shorts made for a summer team in Ohio.

summer lacrosse team uniforms
summer lacrosse team uniforms

The team chose their awesome logo with a pretty funky mix of colors and patterns.  The output was a near masterpiece.  When choosing a uniform for your boys or girls team, be sure to look at our sizing chart for the proper sizing of your players.  For a better fit on the shoulder pads for boys, we recommend going with the collegiate cut lacrosse pinnies.

Lacrosse Shorts

The lacrosse shorts pictured have a back sponsor logo along with the team names and numbers.  You can order your lacrosse shorts with or without pockets. People always ask what the difference is between basketball shorts and lacrosse shorts.  We make both but the basketball shorts are about 11 inches on the inseam and the lacrosse shorts are about 9 inches.  We make girls and womens lacrosse shorts too.  These can be used for basketball or any sport too.  Our sizes range in adult and youth sizes.  You can create whatever design pattern or logo you want on them.

We know that the summer season for lacrosse is the shortest.  Our team is ready to serve your team.  But please be sure that you have your order together early. We grow each season by two to thirty percent.  Our coverage area doubles each year as well.  This means that there are only so many hours in a day to get it all done.  So please do not delay in sending your final list and payment in.  Be sure to call us for your summer lacrosse team uniforms at 888-438-7875.