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Sublimation lacrosse uniforms from Lightning Wear®.  It seems like I haven’t posted a blog post in an eternity.   The reason is that we recently added another rotary heat press to our sublimation department and I have been a part of the team working on getting it running up to speed.  The rotary press for sublimation speeds up our production and output of custom lacrosse uniforms tremendously.  We need it considering the overflow of late orders due to weather.  The last thing on most peoples minds during the major snow storms was ordering uniforms.  Now its on full speed. I am attaching a video so that you can watch and see how we dye the ink in to the fabric.

sublimation lacrosse uniforms
sublimation lacrosse uniforms

The tie dye pinnies that are seen printing on the rotary sublimation press are the collegiate style pinnies.  They have a wider shoulder and are a little more form fitting than the regular mens plain pinnies.  We recommend that any youth boys teams order the collegiate cut lacrosse pinnies so that the straps of the reversible jerseys are not falling off the shoulder or in the way when your child is making that great play.  Call us for free recommendations and style choices.  Made to order your way in Maryland USA.