Sublimated Youth Lacrosse Uniforms

Sandy Spring U7 lacrosse  will be excited to start the fall season off in these Sublimated Youth Lacrosse Uniforms.  Our new urban light and dark camo were a huge hit.  

sublimated youth lacrosse uniforms
sublimated youth lacrosse uniforms

The Sandy Spring lacrosse program in Sandy Spring Maryland keeps growing.  They have continued the expansion of their talent for lacrosse and other sports programs.  Be sure to go and check out their website to find more details on the organization.   We love outfitting their growing organization year after year.  This year we surprised the little tikes with these camouflage collegiate cut jerseys.  The jerseys had the front logo and text on them.  On the backs of the jerseys we added custom player numbers.

Dye Sublimated Youth Lacrosse Uniforms

We have a ton of options for sublimated youth lacrosse uniforms for both girls and boys teams. The capped sleeve collegiate cut jerseys continue to be the most popular for the boys youth lacrosse programs.  The styles colors and pattern options are endless.  We throw a few models and styles up on our custom uniform designer.  But really the options are never ending.

Without offending anyone, my opinion as a parent coach and apparel manufacturer is that you should stick with USA made lacrosse gear and apparel.  USA lacrosse uniforms  manufactures (of course I am pushing us) should be your choice for any type of custom order.  Big or small we have the capabilities of producing large quantities of lacrosse shorts, lacrosse jerseys and team uniforms.

There are many reasons that overseas manufacturers should not be your choice.  The debate of unfair business practices and bad working conditions still remains.  This may be an arguable topic.  However knowing first hand that the wage difference is almost 75% in their favor tells me someone is not being paid fairly for their work.  I will not get in to the conditions of most of these places.

Just as important is the quality of style, sizing and color matches.  Bottom line is that most people in these areas have never played or even heard of lacrosse as a sport.  We have professional athletes of many sports on staff here at Lightning Wear.  Our tips and tools for designing and ordering custom gear is based off of on and off field knowledge.

Future Orders

Finally, we keep all of your designs and images for future orders.   We know you will be back and we are definitely ready for you.   If a player loses a jerseys or someone rips it, we can help with a fast and inexpensive replacement.  Plus you know where to find us.  We are the direct point of contact for your order at every stage in the process.  It starts with a design and ends with a fantastic finished product.  Call us at 888-438-7875 and we can get started on your gear.





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