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Sublimated shirts from Lightning Wear®.Here goes a pic as promised to the BAD COMPANY team. The team is playing in a set of summer lacrosse tournaments and games.  They wanted to look dazzling and I think we made it happen.  Call today for team pricing on Short and shirt combo sets. Printed and Made in Kensington, Maryland USA.

sublimated shirts
sublimated shirts

Bad Company said that they wanted something to show off there cool skull and spaid logo.  The designed a striped lacrosse shooter shirt with the custom logo and side panels to boot. They added team numbers and names to the back of the jersey in a noticeable green neon font. They went with a charcoal gray pair of lacrosse shorts with the striped and white/neon green side accents in the base.

Sublimated Lacrosse Shorts

Everyone loves a pair of sublimated lacrosse shorts to go with their sublimated shirts.  The thing I love the most about these shirts and custom lacrosse shorts is the new feel of the fabric.  The people around the shop have been referring to it as ferrari because it is so silky and smooth.  We have searched around and sourced the perfect no pill durable fabric that withstands sublimation.  More importantly, it withstands washing and the beating of the sport of lacrosse.

We love our customers input and are always looking to improve our product and service.  The biggest complaint we had with our old dimple fabric was that the velcro of pads was wearing on the sides of our reversible jerseys after some time.  We took that to our list of fabric supplies and came up with a simply awesome fabric.  Call us and we can send a sample.

If you are looking for sublimated shorts or sublimated shirts, we are the source.