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Sublimated Reversible Jerseys

Custom Sublimated Reversible Jerseys

Make Custom Pinnies

Get started on your Sublimated reversible jerseys from Lightning Wear®.  Check out these custom dye sublimated pinnies heading to the Attleboro lacrosse team for the winter season.  The team went with a very cool looking ombre fade black to royal blue.  The jerseys had the great majestic eagle logo on the front of the jersey.  The best thing about the design is the lacrosse stick the eagle is holding in its claws.  There are so many designs and ideas for you.  The white pitch fork accents are one of our signatures of 2016.  Most of our designs of cool lacrosse uniforms we have produced have this accent.

sublimated reversible jerseys
sublimated reversible jerseys


Custom Jersey Designs

Our blog is definitely a great place for checking out our custom jersey designs.  A lot of the pictures on our blog now have a new watermark on them.  We did this because we were tired of seeing other over seas competitors using our images as if they were their own.  I had a fella friend me on facebook the other day and I noticed that on his profile page he was using all of our images and telling others that they were made at their Pakistani facility.  When I asked him politely to take them down, he swore that they were his.  It took some convincing and finally a formal complaint with FB for him to be going.  There are thousands more pirates out there.  If you see a bolt on the jersey, you know that your lacrosse uniforms were made in Maryland USA by Lightning Wear®.

Team uniforms are made off of the specifications sent by your team leader.  They can be manually entered on the site or you can send us a spreadsheet with you team roster.  If you are including names and numbers, be sure to break them down according to size.  Also, please confirm that the size, number and names are all correct.  Add ons and corrects may delay your order and cost additional fees depending on the scope of the alteration.  Make sure to check out the latest add on to our site.  The girls lacrosse shirts seem to be this springs most popular item.  Call us for all of your sublimated reversible jerseys needs.