Sublimated Racerback Lacrosse Uniforms

Girls Sublimated Racerback Lacrosse Uniforms

Sublimated Racerback lacrosse Uniforms from Lightning Wear®. Best wishes and thanks to the Good Counsel Falcons lacrosse team.  Winter indoor lacrosse uniforms and sublimated racerback jerseys are made to order specifically for each girls lacrosse playera. Made in America.  Matching girls lacrosse shorts will be posted later for the lady Falcons.

sublimated racerback lacrosse uniforms
sublimated racerback lacrosse uniforms

The GC school colors are vegas gold and navy blue.  The side stripes and white rib that comes down the middle of the jersey really make a great accent.  We make these jerseys in adult and kids sizes.  We have a size chart on line that will help you decide your players size.  The racerback jerseys tend to be more form fitting.  We can also crop the bottoms if needed.  This seems to be the latest trend with the girls teams where we remove 3-4 inches from the bottoms of the jersey.

Cut and Sew Capability

The great thing about having on site cut and sew capability is that it removes the guess work out of your order.  This means that you never have to worry about a four year old making your garment.  The sizing and color styles are standard and consistent.  The work is quality and managed.  I can tell you horror stories of when we began our custom lacrosse uniforms sales.  We purchased everything overseas and when the boxes arrived, you never knew what to expect.

One time, we actually had a snake show up in one of the boxes from Pakistan.  Perhaps that was probably the nicest looking thing in the box.  Some of the uniforms had upside down numbers and the colors were horrible.

The moral of the story is that you should stay away from anything custom made from overseas manufacturers.  We make quality lacrosse uniforms and team apparel.  We want your team wearing our sublimated racerback lacrosse uniforms.