Sublimated Practice Pinnies

Custom Sublimated Practice Pinnies

Design and order Sublimated Practice Pinnies from Lightning Wear®.  Here goes a sharp set of sublimated skull and cross bones pinnies to the Kings Point Laxers from San Angelo Texas.  We love to see the sport growing.  We definitely see it spreading through Texas.  Have a great weekend.

Sublimated Practice Pinnies
Sublimated Practice Pinnies

The dye sublimation process allows for the garment you see pictured to have the sharp look and feel that a mesh jersey would not.  Unlike a screen printed jersey, the logo and print is dyed directly in to a white piece of fabric.  Believe it or not the jersey pictured actually started out as a white piece of fabric.  It takes up approximately two yards long.











Sublimated Jerseys

Sublimated jerseys from Lightning Wear®.  Many of our customers cannot believe that a practice pinnie would be so nice.  The material is more silky and easy on the skin.  We cannot use the mesh hole fabric because the ink that is applied to the garment would get over the belt.

Personally, I now prefer doing sublimated reversible jerseys over the mesh practice pinnies because it is a one and done application.  Instead of going through the process of drawing out each pattern, then rolling the fabric, then cutting the fabric then sorting it, the sublimated stuff wins hands down.  After there sewn they still need to have the logos applied on the front and team names and numbers heat pressed on the back.  In all it is a royal pain in comparison.

With sublimation, the pattern is applied with the artwork,  Then it is pressed cut and sewn.  Yes it seems to be more cutting because you have to individually cut each piece but in the long run it is so much of a better product.  Give us a call and we will let you know the endless possibilities that are involved with sublimated practice pinnies.


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