Sublimated Long Sleeved Shirts

Custom Sublimated Long Sleeved Shirts

Long Sleeved Soccer Warm up Shirts

Create your own sublimated long sleeved shirts from Lightning Wear for any sport or warm up.

Sublimated Long Sleeved Shirts
Sublimated Long Sleeved Shirts

Mayfield Soccer

Mayfield soccer went online to our site and found a wide variety of soccer warmup shirts.  However there design had a lot of activity and action.  They wanted a logo on the front chest with some uniquie text.  As well they wanted the team number on the opposite side of the chest.  Finally they wanted a wrap around logo on the front and back parts of the shirts to show off the school mascot.  Honestly they did an incredible job getting the basics of the jersey design created on the online tool.

We stepped in and added the green fade to the crossing cat head logo in the green to white fade.  The rest of the design they are completely permitted to take full credit for.  We salute you for your great work in turning what was once a simple mockup in to a spectacular design.


Make sure to keep checking our @Laxpinnies Instagram account.  We post on this daily and like this particular days post we often will throw in a coupon for our great followers.  The picture I posted on this is just one example of the many different shirts and styles we offer.  Call us if you have a design or pattern in mind that you would like to see.  We have in house artists that work many hours helping our great customers.

Sleeve Printing

Notice on the left sleeve they added a kelly green shield logo that they also uploaded on our designer site.  Do not be confused when you find us in a search engine look up.  Yes our site says lacrossepinnies.  We also have a site for Lightning Wear too.  LW is not just a lacrosse company.  We are a sports apparel company with a diverse and unique product and service.  In 2009 we started making uniforms using a process called dye sublimation.  Like anything it took lots of trial and error.  But almost ten years later, we can honestly brag that we are one of the best in the business.  Our adult and kids soccer uniforms are one of the hottest things going all season long.

We cut and sew all of our garments in our Maryland USA factory.  In addition to making pinnies soccer or any sport, we create designs for amateur, youth and pro teams all over the world.  Call us for pricing on your sublimated long sleeved shirts for any sport.

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© Lacrosse Pinnies & Lax Pinnie | Lightning Wear®