Sublimated Long Sleeve Shirts

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Long Sleeve Shirts – Custom Long Sleeve Shirts – Mough Tudder Long Sleeve Shirts

Sublimated long sleeve shirts from Lightning Wear.  I know some of these posts may be redundant for all of our Instagram followers (@laxpinnies btw)  but I had to put these cool looking Maryland flag inspired Mough Tudder Tough Mudder long sleeve basketball shirts online for our viewing audience.  

Sublimated Long Sleeve Shirts
Sublimated Long Sleeve Shirts

I hope all of you made it through this past weekends competition in one piece.  Long sleeve shooter shirts can be designed any way you want them, only at Lacrosse Pinnies dot com.  Made in Maryland.

As you can see by the picture, we can dye your design in to any part of the short or long sleeve shirt.  We cut and sew all of the garments after they are printed.  This means that the finished product can look however you want it to.





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