Sublimated Lax Shorts – Custom Lacrosse Shorts

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The brave and bold from Atlanta Georgia will be ragin in these sublimated lax shorts.  Team Rage went with the black to light silver fade.  They added a white gray honeycomb design into the lower half of the shorts. Our team shorts are custom made in Kensington, Maryland USA.  Thanks for the great order and good luck to the teams on the summer season.

sublimated lax shorts
sublimated lax shorts

Custom Lacrosse Shorts

Design your own custom lacrosse shorts from Lightning Wear Apparel.  We take pride in being one of the only one stop manufacturers.  We are based in Kensington, Maryland USA.  Our custom sublimated shorts are made to last with elastic drawstring waistbands.  We make them with a very silky and smooth moisture wicking dye sublimation material.  Most of our customers use them for two to three seasons without any complaints of pilling, pulling or seam rip.  Everything is made from scratch right here in our factory.  Many of our trained and experienced seamstresses have worked for bigger companies in all parts of the world.  Thankfully they have brought their experience and expertise to us.

I remember the first pair of custom lax shorts I was given in the fourth grade.  I do not remember off the top of my head exactly who made the shorts.  My memory is getting them from Coaches sporting goods in Olney Maryland.  They were blue mesh with orange and white side panels.  I felt so cool rocking the stylish Orangemen shorts.

I never wanted to take them off.  The shorts cost like $40 bucks a pair.  One thing we try to do here at Lightning Wear is work within your budget.  None of the people working here own private jets or drive in Ferraris (maybe someday).  For now, we stay hungry and eager to earn your long term business.  Call us for lacrosse shorts or any other garments.  Made in the USA.