Sublimated Lacrosse Gear

Customize Sublimated Lacrosse Gear

Sublimated lacrosse gear from Lightning Wear®.  Gotta love these California Republic lacrosse uniform sets heading West to Skyline Lacrosse.  We make all of our sublimated lacrosse gear in our Kensington, Maryland factory.  The team decided to go with the enlarged side logo with front team numbers on the sublimated shorts.  The jersey pictured is a collegiate cut with wide shoulders.  The two black lines separate the crisp collegiate style Skyline text.  The shooter shirts were my personal favorite with the famous Cali bear logo and red stripe at the bottom hem of the shirt.  We make them any way you can think and

sublimated lacrosse gear
sublimated lacrosse gear

then some.  Call one of our sublimated lacrosse gear specialists and we can get your team looking sharp, no matter what state or country you are in.  USA made.

The custom lacrosse shorts pictured are a version of our mens two color sublimated shorts with a variation of add ons.  If you would like to create a lax short similar to what was pictured, just give us a call or send us a contact message using the link above.  We can get back to you with some cool variations of design color and pattern.  We have about twenty colors that we tend to use.  However, if you have a pantone or want to send us a sample, we do a really good job of matching just about any color.


California Lacrosse

California lacrosse is growing like a wild fire.  We are seeing a huge surge in lacrosse in both womens and mens youth and adult leagues out West.  California lacrosse sales for apparel and gear have risen almost 500% for us since last year and they continue to grow as the sport becomes more popular.  Call us for pricing and shipment info for your sublimated lacrosse uniforms.