Sublimated Basketball Uniforms

Design Sublimated Basketball Uniforms

Here goes a set of custom sublimated basketball uniforms to the Prospects Pride players in Northern Virginia.  The team chose a collegiate jersey look.  They added green custom camo and the diamond front accent.  Sublimated basketball jerseys and sublimated basketball shorts can be designed with unique patterns, colors and logos.  As well, there are unlimited fonts and texts to choose from.  You are not restricted to the colors, patterns or fonts that are shown on our design site.  We have on site artists that can work with you. Your design ideas and team needs are priority.

sublimated basketball uniforms
sublimated basketball uniforms

The camouflage basketball jerseys also had a tribal look to them with the cool watermark going up the center chest.  Notice that they chose front numbers.  The shoulders are a wider cut and make great uniforms for youth teams.  Call us today for your teams needs.  As well, ask about our spirit packages for parents and teams.

Sublimated Basketball Shorts

We offer a variety of different basketball jerseys and sublimated basketball shorts.  Our designer currently offers a few styles of shorts for you design.  But, keep in mind you are not strictly limited on design options.  We also offer just about any design you can think of.  So if you see something you like online from another brand send it our way and we will match the design and most often beat the price.

Custom sublimated basketball bottoms and sublimated basketball uniforms are our specialty.  These uniforms are definitely made for long lasting enjoyment.  But we also make them because they look and feel cool.  We use a special dye sublimation ready polyester moisture wicking fabric. As a result, the final product is silky and smooth and washes perfect for any uniform color.

Indeed, designs do not always look this simple on our custom basketball uniform builder.  If you need help, we have onsite graphic artists at your disposal. Please contact us at 888-438-7875 for your next custom uniform order and sublimated basketball uniforms.