Sublimated Basketball Reversible Jerseys

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Sublimated Basketball Reversible Jerseys from Lightning Wear®. Here goes some swag pinnies to the official Swag House Crew. Thanks for the order and happy swagging.  As you can see by the picture the team went with several different inner color choices for their custom basketball jerseys. All of these jerseys were designed with our online jersey design tool.   But the best part about these jerseys is not in the picture.  Each player added custom names and numbers to the backs of their jerseys.  All of the guys and gals that made these could not stop laughing at some of the funny nicknames.  So you can make jerseys for basketball, or you can make them just for fun.  Either way, at Lightning Wear, we take pride in manufacturing an affordable jersey and a great product.

Sublimated Basketball Reversible Jerseys
Sublimated Basketball Reversible Jerseys


Basketball vs. Lacrosse Jersey Style

Here is a little breakdown about the Basketball vs. Lacrosse Jersey Style. For starters, both reversible lacrosse jerseys and basketball jerseys are reversible.  The most apparent difference between the two types of jerseys is in the length.  Generally the basketball pinnies are about 4 inches taller than lacrosse pinnies.  Lax pinnies are cropped and run above the waistline.  Both the sublimated basketball jerseys and the lacrosse jerseys are the same price.  We like to say they are all inclusive.  This means that all logos, text, artwork, prints patterns and colors are dyed in to the fabric at no extra up charge.

Custom Basketball Uniforms

Custom basketball uniforms are available in adult and kids sizing.  Girls and guys uniforms can be custom made to any design or pattern you can think of.  We also manufacture boys and girls basketball shorts at reasonable prices.  Our team knows basketball.  We want your team wearing only our gear to every game, practice or event.  Our sublimated basketball shooter shirts are some of the most comfortable and classy shirts on the planet.  Be sure to ask your rep about our package deals for custom basketball uniforms.

In closing, we are the number one USA made source for basketball uniforms.  Although the site says we are a lacrosse company, our passion is rooted in the fundamentals of basketball.  Call 888-438-7875 to discuss your next sublimated basketball reversible jerseys needs.