Striped Basketball Jerseys

Customize Striped Basketball Jerseys

Striped basketball jerseys from Lightning Wear®. Here goes a killer set of striped basketball uniforms to the Brick Squad team.  They chose a reversible purple and green jersey with their custom numbers on the front and back and their team name on the fronts.  You can add any multiple of colored logos or patterns on the custom jerseys.  Add team names and numbers on the back.

If you notice on our designer, there is not really a contrast between the inner and outer side of the jersey.  So if you decide that you want a solid color or some other look on the jersey, just call us and we can swap the color out for something else.  We offer our sublimated basketball jerseys in both v and traditional necks for womens and mens teams.  They come in kids sizes as well.  Add matching basketball shorts with the same or different patterns or designs.  All of our sublimated team uniforms are made from scratch in our Maryland USA facility.  Call for special team pricing on striped basketball jerseys.

striped basketball jerseys
striped basketball jerseys

Whether you are a new youth program, or playing in the old mans league, we can outfit your basketball team with just about any type of look or fit you are shooting for.  Most all of the people answering the phone on our end have played some form of organized basketball.  We are completely familiar with the trends and styles that are hip in todays market.  As well, we have artists that can produce just about anything you can think of.   Team uniforms are our specialty.

Add custom shorts to the set or a long sleeve basketball shooter shirt.  We are great at matching colors patterns and styles.  We outfit many college and high school teams along with youth leagues.  We also do work for several D league teams in the NBA.




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