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Striker Custom Lacrosse Shorts

Custom Striker Custom Lacrosse Shorts

Striker custom lacrosse shorts are one of Lightning Wear’s® major products.  My apologies for not posting in a while.  We have been overwhelmed with great customers and designs so I have been doing a lot of customer service and art help.  We are hiring more artists to better serve you but in the meantime I have been unable to post.  I wanted to show off a design that I helped create that shows our striker custom lacrosse shorts which are sublimated custom lacrosse shorts and a very schnazzy collegiate cut sublimated lacrosse reversible.  The Sandy Spring Falcons are getting ready to start their season this weekend, and this will be by far the best set I think that they have done with us.  Thanks Falcons for the great order and the continued business.

striker custom lacrosse shorts
striker custom lacrosse shorts


Custom LaX Shorts

The Falcons wanted the full front logo to watermark across the front seam of the shorts.  They chose our newest add lit fit material.  This does not have dimple and is somewhat shiny and comfortable. When choosing custom lacrosse shorts, you want to make the fit and feel are as great as the durability.  Call us for team pricing on our striker custom lacrosse shorts.  Made in the USA.